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The Power of Positioning: Drobo

Challenge: Startup Trusted Data Corp.’s new-category digital storage product still didn’t have a brand strategy six weeks before launch.

What We Did: Developed a unique brand strategy with new company name (Data Robotics, Inc.), brand/product name (Drobo), product positioning (The world’s first storage robot), and messaging (Who’s minding the storage?) • Created launch strategy, marketing collateral-print & web, product packaging, in-pack materials, online ‘Drobolator’ sales tool, & influencer video testimonials.

Result: Received over 100 press articles at launch which all played on the ‘robotic’ product positioning • This facilitated channel partnerships and follow-on sales • A compelling out-of-box-experience prompted positive online reviews • Company ultimately attained $75 million annual sales and was acquired.

“Never, since Apple, have I seen such thoughtful and dramatic packaging. It was a pleasure just opening the package and going through the materials. Your product, the packaging, and the final user experience was awe-inspiring.”

— DAN M., Owner, Drobo

Optimizing Customer Experience: Presto

Challenge: Presto’s new-category product & service had launched nationally but had not achieved a sustainable Cost of Acquiring Customers thereby not proving the market.

What We Did: Created highly optimized digital and print advertising campaigns • Developed vision and implementation plan for expanded service feature set • Expanded product positioning to appeal to a wider audience • Designed and implemented new online portal to access advanced features • Launched add-on services that created new revenue streams • Created partner and distribution relationships that scaled adoption.

Results: Presto created a beloved service that thrived during difficult economic times, ultimately staying viable for ten more years without need for additional investment.

“Peter has the unique ability to inspire the teams he manages. His excitement going into any project, no matter how challenging is infectious. Peter is able to bring out the best in people and the results usually exceed all project expectations. He happily shares his industry knowledge and is always open to learning from others. He’s so great, that I have worked for him at three different companies and would do so again in a heartbeat.”

SUZANNE RICCA, Art Director at Mirra, Presto, & Prodea

More Power of Positioning: Mirra

Challenge: it’s November and Mirra’s new-category product/service is on shelves at 400 Best Buy stores…and it’s not selling.

What We Did: Within seven weeks: Developed new brand strategy with simplified and understandable product positioning/messaging • Created new out-of-box-experience, point-of-purchase display & brochure, and sales training presentation • Had product repackaged in all stores and trained sales floor personnel • Applied brand strategy to new industrial design of product and all-new packaging.

Results: Sales turned around and resulted in a positive Holiday season, setting the stage for a company acquisition within the next year.

“Peter is the best Marketing person I have ever worked with. He is strategic and creative, a rare combination. He is also a delightful person—the strongest people skills ever. People who work for him will walk thru the fire for him, and if you are lucky enough to work with him you know he always has your back. I give him the highest possible recommendation.”

— IRENE BARAN COO, Monster Products

Inventing a New Product Category: Monster

Challenge: Execute Monster’s vision of repositioning generic surge protectors to provide better audio and video performance through the addition of powerline conditioning.

What We Did: Created comprehensive brand strategy, identity, and product naming • Developed digital & print collateral, packaging, in-pack materials, & out-of-box-experience • Designed point-of-purchase displays, training aids, online/print ad support, and publicity campaign for launch.

Results: Within one year of launch, Monster Power was an entire line of rack-mount components and plug strips that achieved $100 million in annual sales while raising the average selling price of a ‘surge protector’ at Best Buy from $7.00 to $70.00.

“Peter is the most effective consumer products marketing leader I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He combines an impressive catalog of creative talents and business skills with unstoppable energy and commitment to excellence with his team and projects. Peter is constantly thinking—and designing—outside the box, innovating to differentiate and gain competitive edge. He is a proactive participant who sets a high-performance bar by example. He quickly earns respect from co-workers up and down the management chain. I recommend Peter Radsliff’s marketing leadership to any business serious about differentiating to lead the market with consumer products or services.”

— STEVE RASCHKE CEO, Candi Controls & Sage Systems

Redefining a Brand: Arrayent

Challenge: Arrayent had well-known consumer brands as clients for its enterprise Internet of Things cloud platform, but weren’t well known which hurt their sales efforts and acquisition optics.

What We Did: Created intensive content marketing, market analyst, social media, and publicity campaigns • Designed a portable Demo Kit as a marketing tool to demonstrate the Arrayent platform’s power • Developed a strategy to reframe customer expectations to include marketing benefits of the IoT platform in addition to its functional features.

Results: Positioned Arrayent as a thought leader in the IoT cloud platform market and gained placement in major industry analyst reports which helped lead to the company’s acquisition within 1.5 years. Created new brand strategy, identity, website, and sales enablement materials for combined companies after acquisition.

“Peter has been the most brilliant marketing professional I have worked for. I reported to him at Sage Systems. He has been essential in driving our company’s brand communication with a high focus on a strategic visual aesthetic. His expertise ranges from high-level problem-solving down to absolute hands-on creative know-how.”

— QUINTIN DOROQUEZ Art Director, Sage Systems

Innovation to Drive Brand Value: Monster & Candi

Challenge: It’s always a challenge to solve problems, but solving them while creating intellectual property (IP) value takes a different way of thinking. Both Monster Cable and Candi Controls needed solutions to thorny business problems but were open to us creating IP value while doing so. 

Monster needed a way to stop a high rate of retailer returns from customers buying the wrong size cables and then leaving the retailer with an open and unsaleable returned package. Candi needed a way to enable high voltage-rated installers to also install network equipment in homes and test the installation and cloud connection without being required to have a laptop or smartphone.

What We Did: For Monster, we developed new packaging that was designed to be opened without damage and to be re-packable in-store while still incorporating shoplifting deterrents. For Candi, we designed a system that enabled installers to use any cellphone or SMS-capable device to validate their installation was working correctly locally and with the Candi cloud. 

Results: Both solutions were awarded utility patents (US20160142258A1 & US5,875,893) which contributed to each company’s brand value. Each solution was implemented successfully in the field and resulted in significant operational cost savings. 

“Peter has a rare talent for building enthusiasm about a project while maintaining rational practicality in regard to costs, timelines, and concepting. I learned so much working with Peter, not just from his design and market knowledge, which is vast, but just from his attitude towards development. Peter was a superior team leader and a visionary in concepting products and marketing plans.”

— DOUG SHARP Product Manager, Monster Cable Products

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