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We were founded with the mindset that it is NOT OK for customer experiences to be ugly and discombobulated. In a world filled with empty promises and incapable charlatans, we decided to set the bar not just higher, but to constantly raise it and push the boundaries. So we brought together a unique team of strategists, creative visionaries, computer nerds, and brand ninjas—a team that is as passionate and as committed to your success as you are. Together we love to create and make things better, faster, and more affordable than any other consulting agency. We know you want and deserve the best. That is why GOOD is never enough for us. So let us be your full-service business and marketing team. We will work relentlessly and without tire to understand, imagine, design, and dream for you. It’s our promise to create incredible customer experiences that deliver both meaning, and measurable results, to your business. You can rest assured that we will deliver nothing but the BEST for you.

A Team of Brilliant Minds

We’ve worked hard to curate a group of brilliant minds that together could handle almost any project scope within any industry. A small but very passionate team of results-driven all-stars who give larger agencies a run for their money by turning out better experiences, faster, and for a fraction of the cost. No matter how large or small the project, you can rest assured knowing that each and every one of us is as dedicated to your success as you are. Welcome to your Customer Experience Optimizer!



Peter Radsliff leads Customer Experience Optimizer’s business strategy and customer experience practices. With over three decades of operating and consulting experience across sales, marketing, product management and development teams, Peter is the consummate problem solver. His dedication and passion have empowered dozens of businesses to maximize their true potential through ingenious tactics and strategies. He has worked with clients in diverse industries on five continents. He lives for challenges and loves to solve problems.

Peter brings a unique perspective to his practice with his deep background in both the art & science of business. Having extensive experience leading sales, marketing, product management, industrial design, and both software and hardware development teams, he brings a new dimension and approach which goes beyond merely succeeding, but to also optimizing solutions that mitigate risk. With an eye towards the future and how technologies play a key role beneath every strategy, he always looks forward and considers variables of which most people are not even aware.

Peter has created innovative solutions for major companies that were implemented across the globe. This experience has empowered him to consider local and global implications to the strategies he develops. His expertise, experience, and vision led to the creation of Customer Experience Optimizer and has brought together a team that is uniquely qualified and passionate to solve all your business needs.

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